Point Pleasant Boardwalk Engagement Photos

May 6, 2022

Kelly and Joe had *such* a magical engagement session in Point Pleasant! They included literally all of my favorite things. Ice cream, mini golf, the boardwalk, the perfect outfits for beach photos, and then we even got some golden light and cotton candy skies. Win, win, WIN! It literally felt like I was just having a ball at the beach with these two. We were also so incredibly thankful that we were able to sneak onto the mini golf course for 5 minutes to get some photos. They didn’t have to let us, and they did – and it was well worth the ask! I always pretend like I’m a mini golf master but in reality I suck (does anyone else feel this pain?).

Looking at sessions like this one from the summer are such a tease in February (by the time this post publishes it will be MAY and I’ll be well into my wedding season)! I just remember being out at this session wearing shorts and being comfortable, and right now I am sitting next to a space heater in a sweatshirt. So cruel.

Anyway – I don’t shoot at Point Pleasant very much and honestly after this session it became very clear to me that I need to go back more!

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