Dusty Bohemian Inspired Engagement Session in an Open Field

May 8, 2021

If you love dreamy bohemian vibes, country roads, and open fields with gigantic breathtaking bouquets (and hats) this is 100% the session for you! You are going to recognize these two – I blogged their original engagement session a couple of months ago (it was amazing, and it was on the beach – you can see it here).

As we all know – life doesn’t always quite go according to plan, and Kaitlyn and Noe have been thrown every curveball in wedding planning that I think one couple can take. In keeping with their incredible life outlook – they made lemons into lemonade and put together this amazing session. I am always so honored to be included multiple times on a wedding planning journey, and this session was a super special one. I also loved being able to just hang out with Kaitlyn (and Noe) because I love them.

Brady Everett of Ad Astra Floral provided perhaps one of my most favorite bouquets of all time (I know, I say this every time he makes a bouquet but I mean it this time), and Kaitlyn selected the perfect dresses and hat for this session. I think we completely nailed the boho country vibes (which let’s be real, is no small feat when you’re in New Jersey)!

Enjoy this one guys, because it’s amazing!

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