Sunset Engagement at Fisherman’s Cove

One of my goals for 2021 is to blog as many of my sessions and weddings as possible! I always feel like I start off with good intentions to do this each year, and then end up falling off with blogging as my busy season hits. This year – I have scheduled a ton of blog entries (I am writing this in March, but this blog entry will actually go up in May)! I am trying to create some systems to ensure that this blog doesn’t get neglected as my wedding season hits.

All of that being said – the light in this session – omg. This engagement was shot in March at Fisherman’s Cove, and we had such a rose gold sunset! I always love the way that the sunset light hits on the beach. It’s illuminating and is almost a presence all in itself!

Maria and Stephen are so easy to get along with, and I love that Stephen asked me to include his new baby in some of the photos (check the end of this post). As a fellow Tacoma owner, this hit close to my heart!

Maria and Stephen are getting married next March at Clark’s Landing and it is going to be such a good wedding!

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