Golden Engagement Photos at Fisherman’s Cove

May 2, 2021

Alex and Luke are so fun and funny to be around! Special thanks to Luke for being such a good sport during this session. It was a little windy and cold (this one was shot in March), and at one point I found some tall grass that I knew I could make into some beautiful images (but it kinda required sitting in a challenging place) and this pair took it all in stride.

One of my favorite things about the beach is all the golden tall grass! I am so obsessed with including it in photos – and the best part, is that it’s at the beach all year round. The beach is always an amazing place for off season sessions – just because it shows winter a bit less. In New Jersey, things tend to look a bit barren and dead come November, and doing your photo session at the beach is a great solution to avoiding having too many dead looking trees in your photos!

I cannot wait for Alex and Luke to tie the know this October!

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