Lavallette Beach Family Photos

For anyone who doesn’t know – I actually did family photography alone for a bit before I considered doing a wedding. It was the first type of photography I really fell in love with. It just so happened that my first ever family photography session was on the beach down in Ocean City, New Jersey, and I always feel like my ‘roots’ are definitely doing family photos on beaches! I am so grateful that first session was amazing and went well, or my career may have very well been over before it began.

Ocean City isn’t ‘home’ – but Lavallette definitely is! It’s always such a privilege to be able to shoot on my home turf, and I was loving all the golden light in this session!

Family sessions for summer 2021 are nearly booked! I have a handful of slots left – but not many! If you’d like to reserve a date or time, please reach out!

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