Beach Haven, LBI Family Photos

One of my most favorite things about family portraits at the beach, is that it is always different! You’d think that I might be bored of shooting at the beach (at this point in my career I have done hundreds of sessions and weddings there) – but no. Every single time I’m photographing at the water it’s always different. Even if I’m doing multiple sessions at the exact same beach on the exact same day! There are so many variables. The position of the sun, the wind, the water, the temperature, the tide. The list goes on. Every beach session has unique perks and challenges.

This session’s unique perk was definitely the color of the water! The teal of the ocean on this evening made me feel like we were actually in Florida instead of Beach Haven! We had just dodged a storm, and you can actually see the rain coming down over the water in the distance in a lot of these photos.

I absolutely loved the energy of this session! Such a fun one to shoot!

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