Spring Lake Engagement Session with a Beach Picnic

March 9, 2021

Fun fact: Early in my photography career, I rarely shot in Spring Lake. I always used to wonder where those beautiful bridges were when I saw wedding photos that were being shared around, and I didn’t have a clue where to look for them. Eventually, I stumbled upon the park, and now I consider Spring Lake to be one of my ‘home base’ photo locations, because I am incredibly familiar with the area.

One of the unique and wonderful things about Spring Lake, is that there is a gorgeous park that is literally walking distance from the beach. So not only can you have some lake views in your session, but you can also have ocean views, too.

Rachel and Jon decided to include a picnic in this session, which I absolutely loved! The adorable basket coupled with Rachel’s gorgeous white and pink floral dress was such a visual treat with the pinky watercolor wash sky we had on the evening of this session.

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