Milk Bath First Birthday Session

March 13, 2021

Oh, you guys! This little one was so. cute. When Shannon came to me with her ideas for this session, I was all in. I hadn’t had the opportunity to do a milk bath session before, and it was made even more special by the fact that we were actually able to use Shannon’s breastmilk! I loved that she also brought quite literally the most adorable clawfoot tub. I always love when my families make their sessions special and unique to them!

Ocean Gate is a small beach town, and I felt like we were definitely celebrities the evening of this session! How could we not be? We literally had the cutest baby on the beach. One of my favorite things about Ocean Gate is the small town vibes that you get when you are there. It’s mostly locals walking the boardwalk with their families, and it tends to be a very close-knit area. There are also so many great photo locations along the mile-long boardwalk – and it gets ah-mazing golden light most evenings which is an added bonus.

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