Long Beach Island Family Portraits | Beach Haven Photographer

January 14, 2020

On cold winter days I always reminisce about my family photo sessions on the beach. Whenever it’s 5pm and dark outside, I always dream about how in a few short months at 5pm I will sometimes just be getting ready to leave the house to go shoot the evening’s sessions instead of holed up in my pajamas in my house. I mean – if we’re being honest here I wear pajamas pretty much 24/7 these days if I don’t have appointments or sessions, but that’s besides the point.

I wanted to share this family’s session because I love them so very much! These children are some of my favorites to photograph and I love their big personalities and expressions. They truly make my job so easy and it has been such a joy photographing their visit to the shore for the past 3 years.

Don’t miss this one, guys – it’s such a goodie!

Also – family photo sessions are booking for summer 2020. There are some weeks in July and August with only a couple spots left so if you are considering booking your session please reach out! For summer 2020 I will be offering 2 evening session slots M-Th. Email me at contact@kellyseaimages.com to inquire!

Location: Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

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