Dreamy Spring Lake Engagement Session at Divine Park & The Beach

January 28, 2020

There are many locations that I enjoy shooting at over and over again, and Spring Lake is one of them! Divine Park and the nearby beach are always high on my list of spots for engagement and family photo sessions because it is such a great way to squeeze two completely different looks into your session with ease!

Divine Park is known for its beautiful bridges over the lake, so I always end up doing some photos in those iconic spots. I have some other secret nooks that I always gravitate towards, and then love heading over to the beach to hopefully catch a pastel sunset.

Hayley and Simon’s session did not disappoint, and not only did I get to hang out with Hayley’s parents and adorable pupper Bowie (in his perfect pastel bow tie) but we had the most perfect evening for this session!

I am so excited for these two to get married at The Mill Lakeside Manor this year!

Location: Spring Lake

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