Glowy Golden Barnegat Light Engagement Session | LBI Photographer

January 10, 2020

Name another couple who can make 30mph winds look this good. I’ll wait. No really though. For this gorgeous Barnegat Light engagement session, Joanna and Ray toughed out some really difficult wind and extremely chilly temperatures. With wind chill, it was probably around 30 degrees or so for the entirety of this hour long shoot.

Fortunately, good light was running with us, so we got some beautiful golden light – which sort of made up for the fact that these two were freezing. I would say that I was freezing too, but in reality I was wearing a really heavy coat and furry boots so while I was a little chilly I was ok. My couples and their dedication to magical photos never ceases to amaze me! Sometimes I feel like I should also show up in a summer dress in solidarity but let’s face it – I know I’m a wimp.

Joanna is such a sweetheart and I knew I liked her from the first time that she emailed me! She has such a calming presence and so fun to be around. She and Ray have awesome chemistry and are so relaxed together. Even with the two of them freezing we were still joking around and they managed to have fun despite probably not being able to feel their hands or feet.

Love these two and can’t wait for their October wedding at the beautiful Abbie Holmes Estate!

Location: Barnegat Light, New Jersey

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