Beach Engagement with Perfectly Pink Bouquet | Island Beach State Park Photographer

January 8, 2020

This post is a late one coming, but I promise it was worth the wait! Island Beach State park is literally the most perfect place for engagement photos, and these are 100% proof of that.

Aside from being a perfect place for photos, A7 (or Tice’s Shoal) as it is lovingly referred to by boaters) has always been my beach. This is the beach that I go to when I… you know, go to the beach. I often come here by boat – and admittedly it was a little strange walking over to the bay and not seeing any boats at all at the anchorage (to be fair, this was a Tuesday in early May). I grew up coming to Tice’s – which was long before the boardwalk that is pictured in these photos was added. In fact – in order to cross over to the ocean from the bay you had to walk around a 1/2 mile though holly leaves. My friends – holly leave are sharp.

Over the years I have made many, many amazing memories at this beach – and this session was absolutely another one. Brady Everett made the stunning bouquet that Julia is carrying throughout this session that basically set the bar for all other bouquets in my life. Julia and Brian dressed in the most perfect outfits and the sunset was just what we needed. We popped some champs at the end of the session, and this session was one for the books.

Julia and Brian are already married (I shot their unbelievable wedding at The Mill Lakeside Manor this past October) but I couldn’t let any more time go by without sharing this session!

Location: Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

Florals: Brady Everett

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