Beach Haven Family Photographer | Pretty Pastel Family Session with Golden Light on the Beach

January 4, 2020

This family photo session in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island is a perfect example of what happens when everyone is a wardrobe DO! You get an amazing set of family photos filled with soft rose gold light and perfectly coordinated attire. I was absolutely dying when everyone showed up perfectly dressed in complementary but not matching outfits in soft pastel tones. The perfect match for some golden beach light, sand, and turquoise water!

LBI is the backdrop for many of my family sessions, and I am never mad about it. The beach is gorgeous from Holgate all the way to Barnegat Light. I do have some favorite spots that I’ve carved out, but for the most part you can’t really go wrong with any location you pick. The beaches are wide, the sand is soft, and the light always seems to hit the sand just right.

I always say that photographers are connoisseurs of light. We chase it, we analyze it, and we search for it. But! We all have different tastes. Some look for bold contrasty light. Some look for direct, bright light. I like looking for soft light in golden and rosy tones. This session definitely hit the sweet spot for me because this is my most favorite kind of light!

Location: Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

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