Proposal on Island Beach State Park | Seaside Photographer

May 25, 2019

Sean and Amanda had a gorgeous proposal on Island Beach State Park, and I am so excited to share these beautiful photos with you! Just in case you are unfamiliar with the area, IBSP (as the locals lovingly refer to the park) is several miles long and showcases some of the most beautiful ‘untouched’ beach in the state. You’re not going to find beach houses here (unless you count the governor’s mansion) – but you will find miles of dunes and plenty of foxes.

Sean contacted me a couple of weeks before he was planning to pop the question. He had some ideas for the proposal, and we were hoping that the weather was going to hold out for everything. We ended up getting very lucky and made a last minute timing change, and we ended up just beating the rain. Island Beach is a little different than many of the other locations I have done proposals. While at places like Barnegat Light or even any other beach, it is pretty common to see other people hanging out and maybe taking photos. However – we had selected one of the more remote beach trails on IBSP so I stood out a bit like a sore thumb, as it were.

Either way – I think it’s safe to sat that despite me being fairly obvious Amanda was still surprised. Her reaction and enthusiasm were the best!

Ok – I’m done talking. Check out this beautiful proposal and also the fabulous sparkler that Sean selected for Amanda!

Location: Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

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