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It’s not too often that I get to kinda do a session in Bayville, New Jersey – basically right in my backyard. Well – maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration (this is not my backyard… though I mean if it were I would be pretty stoked) but I definitely had a home court advantage for this session as this location is definitely bike riding distance!

Cosette and I were watching the weather in the days leading up to the session. It’s been a very wet spring here in New Jersey, so initially it looked like rain. Then it stopped looking like rain and instead started looking like wind. Wind is one of those things that you need just the right amount of for a session. Just a little and you look like Beyonce in a music video. Too much and you look like a troll doll with your hair flying up and away. No joke – there were gale force winds in the forecast.

We had initially planned to head over to Ocean Gate (another favorite local spot of mine) but the west wind there was definitely too much – so I know a secret little beach in a spot that does better in a west wind (especially a gale force one blowing at upwards of 30mph). It worked! It was definitely still windy – but I am so lucky to have people like Cosette and Steven who are able to make even crazy amounts of wind look amazing.

I’m not exaggerating when I saw that we laughed this whole session. It really helped that Cosette and Steven have the best laughs ever – and also really play off each other because it helped their personalities to shine in these photos so much. Literally as I was going through editing these I was smiling the whole time. Absolutely cannot wait for these two to get married next April at Porta in Asbury Park!

Location: Berkeley Township, New Jersey

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