Kids Beach Portraits on Island Beach State Park | Seaside Park Family Photographer

January 26, 2019

One of my favorite kiddos at one of my favorite places! So – little known secret – the place where these photos was taken (Island Beach State Park) is one of my favorite locations in the state of NJ. However – the particular spot in the park where these photos were taken, also happens to be one of my absolute favorite places to take my boat and hang out with Ray and Butterup. Looking at these photos, you wouldn’t think it – but at the end of the boardwalk is the bay, and it’s a super popular anchorage called Tice’s Shoal. What is a very popular party spot during the day makes for a gorgeous photo spot in the evening, and one I often recommend.

Not that Charlotte needs any help being gorgeous. Charlotte’s Mom and I go way back. LikeĀ way back to elementary school. Fast forward (hopefully not so) many years, and now Jenn literally has the most perfect child that you could ever imagine. Smart, funny, polite, personality for days – this little lady is the entire package and she is such a joy to be around. I have done Charlotte’s photos several times over the years, and each time it has been such a treat for me. Even as a tiny toddler she was such a sweet little soul, and it was blatantly evident that whatever Jenn has done to raise her needs to be bottled and sold, because this little girl is amazing.

Adding to the special-ness of these photos, and something that literally made me want to cry while taking them – the hat that Charlotte is wearing and holding belonged to Jenn’s late father, who she recently lost. As someone who also lost their father – watching Charlotte in the hat really hit me right in the feels, and it was so touching to be able to capture her joy while wearing it.

Location: Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

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