Greenhouse Engagement Photos with Baby Goats | Bear Creek Herbary Photographer

February 3, 2019

Anytime there is an engagement session to be done that involves a greenhouse or animals of any sort – count me in. It just so happens that this particular engagement session has a ridiculously adorable couple, some baby goats, a perfect bouquet, and a gorgeous greenhouse – so really I can go die happy now. It helps that Kristen is co-owner of the awesome Revolution Bridal (look them up for hair and make-up) so her hair and make-up were perfect. Kristen is basically my photography match made in heaven, so I knew that we had to go all out for her session. I enlisted the help of Narcissus Florist to ensure that we got a stunning bouquet to accentuate all the beauty in the greenhouse and provide a pop of color. They did not disappoint. It was such a stunner and the baby goats loved it, too.

In case you haven’t yet visited Bear Creek Herbary, it was the perfect spot for these portraits. They have extensive grounds, a super cute cafe, an amish barn filled with goodies straight out of Martha Stewart, and a greenhouse loaded with succulents. The icing on the cake was that they also have two white baby goats named Coconut and Caramel. I had no idea about the goats when we were planning the session, so they were basically the best surprise ever (and BOY were they little hams, totally stealing the show). The owners of Bear Creek were incredibly accommodating and really let us take advantage of their gorgeous property which I so appreciated! I can’t wait to go back in the warmer months when everything outdoors will be blooming.

Kristen and Joe got engaged in Paris (lucky ducks) so we incorporated an Eiffel Tower into the photos inside the greenhouse.

Anyway – enough talking! I hope this greenhouse engagement session makes you feel all warm inside (can you believe we shot this in January?!).

Location: Bear Creek Herbary, Freehold, New Jersey

Florals: Narcissus Florist

Hair & Make-Up: Revolution Bridal

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