My 2019 Wedding Preview

February 7, 2019

So I thought a little something that might be fun to do, was a 2019 wedding preview! I have not yet completed all engagement sessions for my 2019 clients – but I am close! So I figured what better way to share my excitement over my 2019 weddings then to share them here on the blog! Plus – if you are looking for some ideas for engagement sessions or even venues, this is a great post to check those things out!

If you are considering booking a 2019 wedding date with me – I do still have some openings but they are almost gone! Email me to inquire!

I am already booking into 2021!

Christina & Jeff – Steel Pier Engagement Session

These two are tying the knot at the Claridge this April – so what better location for an engagement session than on the boardwalk in Atlantic City?! When Christina and Jeff showed up in full retro attire my heart nearly burst with joy. They were absolutely perfect from head to toe – and you should have seen the looks we were getting from passerby (we were totally celebrities). The win of the session was discovering a secluded walkway on the steel pier. It was crazy windy on this day (at least 35mph, not kidding) but these two did not let it get them down. A few melted ice cream cones later and we had the most amazing engagement session (and also, the most golden light).

Kerri & Jack – Downtown Pitman Engagement Session

I always love getting to head someplace new for an engagement session – and Kerri and Jack showed me beautiful Pitman New Jersey (and the adorable town that kind of reminds me of a smaller Red Bank). I also got a special bonus when their pup joined us for the end of the session. I cannot wait for them to get married in Smithville this May the 4th! I can’t lie – I also love that I will get to say ‘May the Fourth be with you’ all day (even though I have never technically watched Star Wars from start to finish – please don’t judge me).

Pitman New Jersey Photographer

Brianna & Kyle – Country Road Inspired Colliers Mills Engagement

Oh my. New Jersey isn’t really famous for fields or country roads, but Brianna and Kyle knew just where to find that look for their engagement session! Collier’s Mills was the ideal location for a very ‘back country’ look. I loved that Brianna showed up in the most perfect flow apricot dress with bare feet. We got epic golden sunset light and this session just wowed me from start to end! Brianna and Kyle are getting married at Bayonet Farm on Cinco de Mayo and frankly, I can’t wait!

Colliers Mills Engagement Session

Emily & Jake – Allaire State Park Engagement with Pups

When I first met Emily I knew that we were basically soulmates. Her love of dogs knows no bounds, she likes beer – we were destined to be friends. She also introduced me to The Brodie Fund who I now get to collaborate with on the regular to help dogs and cats fight cancer – so really what could be better? We actually did Emily and Jake’s engagement session back in 2017 – so their wedding at Blue Heron Pines is a long awaited one for me, and I cannot wait for them to get to the altar this May!

Allaire State Park Engagement Photographer

Meghan & Matt – TCNJ Engagement Session

I had no idea how much I was going to love shooting at The College of New Jersey until I saw the campus! It is truly everything that you think of, when you imagine a college campus. It was extra awesome that we were able to get some spring blooms in the mix, too! Meghan and Matt met at TCNJ, so it was only right that we did their engagement session right at some of their favorite spots. They are tying the knot this May at The Mill Lakeside Manor, and it’s gonna be such a good one!

TCNJ Engagement Session

Ashley & Ray – Barnegat Light Engagement Session

I absolutely love these two. Ashley and Ray are so chill. I had a blast with them getting a little dirty at Barnegat Light State Park for their engagement session. We had to keep it a little beachy, because their June wedding is at the Waterview Pavilion in Belmar, New Jersey. I cannot wait to see all the handmade touches at their wedding because I know that Ashley and her family are super crafty! Bring it on!

Barnegat Light Engagement Session

Caitlin & Mark – Barnegat Light Engagement Session

It just goes to show you how no two engagement sessions are ever alike – even if they are at the same place! Caitlin and Mark’s May Barnegat Light engagement session was super windy but they didn’t mind one bit! They are such a sweet couple and I truly already feel like I’ve known them for 10 years instead of just 1 and 1/2! I literally cannot wait to celebrate with them at The Mill Lakeside Manor this June!

Barnegat Light Engagement Session

Gabriella & Aaron – Edel Haus Engagement Session with Alpacas

I know, I know. I picked a photo that didn’t have the alpacas. Truthfully, Gabriella and I are both obsessed with just about all animals s0 of course we had to do their session at Edel Haus! It was a bit of a rainy one if I remember correctly, but we got some amazing peeks of sun towards the end in the field next to the alpaca flock. I truly love that I just got to use the word flock. I really hope that these two bring their new fur baby Maycie to their wedding at The Carriage House because she’s ridiculously adorable.

Edel Haus Farm Engagement Session

Jessica & Kevin – Allaire State Park Engagement with Pups

If I’ve mentioned it once, I’ve mentioned it 100 times – I absolutely love it when my couples bring their dogs (cats, chinchillas, alpacas, etc.) to engagement sessions! Jessica and Kevin are both teachers so we picked a time in the fall when they were both on break to do their engagement session. Even though it was late November we still got some absolutely amazing golden light and they made their session a breeze. I can’t wait for their Old York Country Club wedding in June!

Allaire State Park Engagement

Katie & Chris – Sayen Gardens Engagement Session

I was so excited to do Katie and Chris’s engagement session! I tend to only visit Sayen Gardens in the spring and fall, so I loved seeing what it was like in the summer (spoiler alert: beautiful). These two are such genuine people with kind hearts, and I just know that their English Manor Wedding is going to be beyond gorgeous! I can’t wait to hang out with them again!

Sayen Gardens Engagement Session

Alyssa & Craig – Turkey Swamp Park Engagement Session

I first met Alyssa and Craig on the beach in Lavallette for their maternity session back in 2017. They were so excited to meet their babygirl (and also Alyssa was positively glowing). I immediately clicked with them and I was so thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding at Galloping Hill Golf Course this July! Alyssa and Craig are so genuine and a perfect match for each other – I know their wedding is going to be one for the books!

Turkey Swamp Park Engagement Session

Megan & Jeff – Asbury Park Coney Waffle Engagement

Megan and Jeff let me eat ice cream with them at Coney Waffle and for that reason alone they just might be the coolest people ever. I loved that they had such a neat idea for their session – and it was a total bonus that the night we shot their photos, Ziggy Marley was playing the Stone Pony summer stage, so we even got a concert out of the deal! Their engagement session is featured in the Spring edition of Contemporary Weddings Magazine, and I am already counting the days until their backyard wedding this July!

Asbury Park Engagement Session

Marisa & Vinnie – Deep Cut Gardens Engagement Session

Marisa, Vinnie and I became soulmates the second they told me that they own Taylor’s Ice Cream. I worked in an ice cream parlor for many years prior to beginning as a photographer, so basically I am an ice cream connoisseur and have never sickened of eating it (like really – never). I loved that Marisa wanted a garden feel for their engagements – so what better spot than Deep Cut? They are getting married this August at Galloping Hill Golf Course and it is going to be such a good one!

Deep Cut Gardens Engagement Session

Kelly & Joe – Barnegat Light Engagement Session

I love Kelly. Not just because she has the same name as me, of course. It was a little chilly for this November beach session, but Kelly & Joe took it in stride. They are getting married at Brant Beach Yacht Club this September and it is going to be such a good one. I seriously felt like I was hanging out with friends that I have known forever when I was shooting these photos and I know that Kelly is going to make a stunning bride!

Barnegat Light Engagement Session

Sam & Mike – Sayen Gardens Engagement Session

Sam and Mike had me at ‘Marley’ (their doggo) and I could not wait to meet her! The reality was better than the expectation – Marley is the cutest pup ever and has so much personality! What a little ham. Sam set up the perfect picnic for their session – complete with champagne. As soon as we finished up I was already wishing that their wedding at Glenmoore Farm was the following day so I could see them again!

Sayen Gardens Engagement Session

Lindsay & Keith – Allaire State Park Engagement Session

My only regret about Lindsay and Keith’s session is that their two pugs weren’t with us (though I totally understand why!). They made up for their absence by being an absolute blast to hang out with and some of the funniest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I absolutely love these two! They are getting married this October at The Mill Lakeside Manor and I have been waiting for this one since they booked!

Allaire State Park Engagement Session

Rachael & Matt – Turkey Swamp Park Engagement

No joke I am going to hire Rachael to style my wardrobe, because her outfits for her engagement session were to. die. for. She started off in a gorgeous floral sundress and ended in a gorgeous red evening gown, and it was basically everything. Matt was looking super sharp, too (can’t leave him out!). Mind you – it was freezing – but I really feel like these two look pretty warm and cozy! They are getting married at The Grove this October and it is definitely going to be an epic wedding.

Turkey Swamp Park Engagement Session

Sam & Ricky – Berkeley Island State Park Engagement

So, in short – Sam and Ricky own one of the world’s cutest dogs. Emmy is truly a treasure and I can completely understand why they are so in love with her. We did Sam and Ricky’s engagement on a relatively warm February day – there was even snow and ice on the ground! We were so fortunate to get a gorgeous golden pink sunset, and I can’t wait for these two sweeties to tie the knot at Cherry Valley in October!

Berkeley Island Engagement Session

Gianna & Chris – Staten Island Botanical Garden Engagement

We went on a full on adventure for Gianna and Chris’s session in Staten Island, and I loved every minute because they are seriously so fun to hang out with. Gianna’s Mom is also the sweetest (fun fact – we shot this session on Gianna’s mom’s birthday – and Gianna and Chris are getting married at Doolan’s on my birthday!) and I so appreciated that she volunteered to be a human light stand for me as we tried to get some photos at the light festival! These two are amazing and I am so excited for them to get married!

Staten Island Engagement Session

Christie & Ryan – Double Trouble State Park Engagement

It was December for this session so we were just a little cold! Christie is actually the sister of the groom of one of my amazing 2018 couples, and the friend of another amazing 2018 bride and groom *shout out Nicole and Bobby and Steph & Max* so I knew that Christie and Ryan were going to be absolutely incredible to be around and I was correct! Their November wedding at Blue Heron Pines is going to be full of familiar faces and I can’t wait!

Double Trouble Park Engagement Session

Kristen & Joe – Bear Creek Herbary Engagement

Kristen and Joe’s wedding is going to be the perfect closer to my 2019 season! I love that we went all out for their January engagement session at Bear Creek Herbary – complete with a gorgeous bouquet from Narcissus Florals, and a pair of perfect baby goats. Kristen is co-owner of the incredible Revolution Bridal (which explains why her hair and make-up looked flawless) and I am seriously so thrilled that I get to be there with them at The Venetian for their wedding in December!

Bear Creek Herbary Engagement Session

Also Coming up in 2019:

Marcee & Kyle @ Icona Avalon

Sara & Cory @ Old York Country Club

Chris & Amanda @ Waterview Pavilion

Catherine & Richard @ Crystal Point

Stephanie & Nicholas @ Clark’s Landing

Erika & Chris @ Indian Trail Club

Meghan & Greg @ The Oyster Point Hotel

Patrice & Edward @ The Sterling Ballroom

Julia & Brian @ The Mill Lakeside Manor

Sarah & Jovanni @ Yacht Club of Sea Isle City

Melanie & Brandon @ Greenbriar Oceanaire

Reem & Terence @ The Stone Terrace

Samantha & Dan @ Hotel Alcott


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