Long Beach Island Photographer | Ship Bottom Family Photos

December 18, 2018

What’s better than one adorable baby on the beach? Adorable twin babies! I always have such a good time whenever I am down in Long Beach Island doing family portraits on the beach, and these two cuties were a real treat. They were¬†such happy babies.

When I was a kid, my parents brought me down to Wildwood every year for our big family vacation. I remember some years lots of my aunts and cousins came along too, and we would always stay at one of the colorful and fun motels down there. I have the fondest memories of those times. We were always making sandcastles, turning each other into mermaids (you just have somebody sit in the sand and cover up their feet and basically make a mermaid tail), boogie -boarding all day, and walking on the boardwalk all night. I am pretty sure I had about a million tickets I had been saving at one of the arcades from my hours playing this game called Pokeno that I never cashed in (note to self: look for those tickets).

Any time I do photos for a family that is visiting the shore I always like to feel that I am part of their memories and I love being able to save some glimpses of that time in their lives for them. All I have are some very old, poorly taken, damaged film photos – so I am always so thrilled to give families what I wish I had – gorgeous candid memories of their time together at the beach!

Location: Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island

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