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April 16, 2018

Being that I consider Long Beach Island a second home these days, I was super excited when an LBI realtor contacted me about doing some headshots for her business cards! Emily is from JerSea Realty – which let’s face it is an awesome name, so we were obviously a match made in heaven.
I am such an advocate of having professional photos done. Not even just because I’m a professional photographer. Shameless plugs aside, having awesome photos can be such a boost for your business. Not only do they help you appear more polished and put together, but they can truly help you make a connection with your future clients. Also – if you’re concerned that you’re just going to get some stuffy studio headshots – think again! Portraits don’t have to look dated. Taking a more lifestyle approach to your headshots can make you seem friendlier and even more trustworthy. Perfect for your business!
So many people ask me if I have a studio. And while I guess it would be nice, I so much prefer being able to work on location. Not only does working on location constantly keep me sharp (for weddings you absolutely have to be able to work anywhere and in just about any light), but I love that every single session ends up different thanks to different weather and seasons. It is truly never the same! Since Emily is a realtor on LBI, what better place to do her headshots than Bayview Park near Beach Haven?
Emily and I had so much fun taking these, despite the fact that we were kinda freezing. I love that she was down for a more lifestyle approach to these photos. Don’t you just want to buy a house from her already?!
Location: Bayview Park, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

Source: Kelly

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