Wedding at Porta, Asbury Park | The Asbury Hotel Wedding | John and Cat Married

April 15, 2018

If you like dogs, drinks, Asbury Park, and more dogs, Cathie and John’s wedding at Porta Pizza in Asbury is for you. Once again welcome to another installment of ‘all Kelly’s blog entries have over 100 images’ because it is crazy hard for me to narrow down photos of weddings.
I have known John for a lot of years. I’m not going to say quite how many – but we went to high school together, and we even rode in the same vehicle to prom together. Don’t worry John – I will keep the embarrassing prom photos to myself because honestly they are going to be waaaay more detrimental to my reputation than yours ( don’t know who let me out of the house looking like Medusa). Either way – when I saw how John was with Cat I knew right away that they were perfect for each other, and when he asked me to do their engagement photos and then wedding photos I was totally thrilled. Not only are they crazy in love, but they also have crazy good taste and I knew that their wedding was going to be kinda quirky and a hell of a good time. I was right.
Cooler still – I was in on John’s wedding gift months before he got it, because Cathie and I did a super fun boudoir session that way she could make a book to give him. Ladies take note – not only are boudoir sessions ridiculously fun to do (because who doesn’t like getting glammed up) but the book was gorgeous and such a perfect gift!
Yup – I’m going to keep on talking even though I know that you guys just want to get to these photos, but there are some things I still have to explain. So – Cathie got ready at The Asbury Hotel. It was my first time doing a wedding there, and the rooms were ultra tiny but oh-so-hip and they photographed really well so I wasn’t mad. Cathie wore Kate Spade Keds under her dress and I loved her for it because they were glittery. Also – Cathie’s flowers were so beautiful and the perfect pop of color paired with the bridesmaids dresses. I loved her style!
We did Cathie and John’s first look on the Asbury Boardwalk near Convention Hall – and John nearly had me crying as he waited to see his girl. His excitement was so real and it was so awesome to witness. After that – we went in Convention Hall, and wouldn’t you know it – strangers began lending us their dogs for photos. It started off with an awesome shepherd with Cat and the girls, and then morphed into each groomsmen getting a dog to walk for photos. Thank you, strangers of Asbury – for lending us your puppers! Only in a town as awesome as Asbury will strangers lend their dogs to make epic wedding photos.
After Convention Hall, we headed over to Porta for their ceremony. Porta’s ceremony room is super cool and it has a wall made up of wood pieces that served as backdrop for Cathie and John’s vows. After the ceremony – it was party time. How much party was there? John’s Mom did a shot during speeches, so I will let your imagination wander.
Ok. Now you can see the photos.
Photographer: Kelly Sea Images
Hotel Accommodations: The Asbury Hotel
Reception Venue: Porta Asbury
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade for Keds
Florals: Meg’s Magnificent Flowers

Source: Kelly

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