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February 11, 2018

My first trip to Sea Isle City, New Jersey to do a family beach photo session was so fun! I should have known it would be, because I have had the honor of doing several previous sessions with Chelsea and her friends, and they have all been seriously amazing. Honestly – I am never quite entirely certain how I end up with the best families and couples in the world to do photos for, but I always seem to. I love being able to visit new beaches and locations for my sessions, and up to this point I had not yet made it down to Sea Isle. I was definitely not disappointed! Ray and I walked up to the boardwalk before our sessions, and there was a restaurant/bar literally right on the beach with a live band. Definitely our kind of town.
Spoiler alert: this session was windy. It wasn’t just ‘oh there is a small breeze and it will tousle my hair just right’ kind of windy (truth be told, I am actually totally fine with a little breeze for photo sessions) it was ‘holy cow the wind is howling 40 mph from the south and we are getting sandblasted’ windy. This family did not let it phase them. We started off in a small area where I felt we were going to be somewhat sheltered from the wind, and then everyone was totally fine with heading out onto the beach to give it a go!
I don’t know about you guys, but the wind and my hair just do not mix. If you put me in the wind, I will look like a horrible mess within around 2 minutes. However, this was not so for this family. They looked awesome no matter what the wind (both figuratively and literally) thew at them.
Location: Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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