Allaire State Park Engagement Session | New Jersey

March 5, 2018

I do engagement and family sessions at Allaire State Park often. Often enough where I am familiar with their policies and how late they stay open and the whole deal. So when I got to the park for Nicoletta and Peter’s session, and the gates were closed – I was super confused. It was a beautiful February Tuesday at 4:15pm.
These two were still down to do the session even though we couldn’t be in the historic village. Honestly – I would completely have understood if they hadn’t wanted to do the session, but I was thrilled that they were willing to try something completely new with me! We found an alternate entrance to the park that I had never really been to before, and jumped right in to do the session. We probably could have taken these photos in a landfill and they still would have been amazing, because these two are ridiculously photogenic and crazy about each other.
Fortunately we lucked out with a 70 degree February day (which let’s face it never happens) so despite the trees being a little bare – we were super comfortable and it definitely felt like summer! We got to pet a bunch of random dogs who were all being walked, and mostly doing photos with these two was like hanging out with friends that I’ve known for a decade.
It’s also pretty safe to say that this is my favorite time of year. While it’s not quite to the point where the temperature is to my liking just yet I love that the days are more than an hour longer and that there are sure signs warm weather is on the way! Buds on trees and flowers pushing through the ground – new life is everywhere and it is so awesome. The next time that I see these two, it will be for their October wedding and things will be turning around in the opposite direction. Which is so crazy to think about, and I know that it will come super fast!
Location: Allaire State Park, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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