Spring Lake, New Jersey Photographer | Kathleen & Chris Engaged

October 18, 2017

So the water at Divine Park is basically my favorite color. I always used to wonder what made it teal, until one day I asked one of my clients, and they said that it’s an algae overgrowth that causes it. My clients are the smartest. Either way, I don’t only love shooting at Divine Park for the water (though you have to admit, it is a truly beautiful shade of teal). Spring Lake definitely has some gem spots, and this is certainly one of them. I’m sure you’ll recognize the iconic bridges – and while those are definitely pretty, I tend to prefer some of the more often overlooked locations within.
Kathleen and Chris got the perfect evening for their late September engagement session. Not only was the weather perfect, but we also got to see a heckuva catfish get caught right in front of us. Chris was kind enough to snap a photo of the young fisherman (and naturally, I had to take a photo of him taking the photo – photo-inception). We started off at Divine Park, and I had a feeling that the sunset might go epic, so I was thrilled that they wanted to go to the beach for the other half of their shoot.
Sure enough, from the second that we got our feet on the sand, I knew that the sky was going to put on a show. It definitely didn’t disappoint! Within a couple of minutes, the entire sky was cotton candy pink. It was seriously gorgeous. The ocean was a bit unsettled thanks to hurricane Jose (who was casually hanging out well offshore), but it made the perfect backdrop for these two lovebirds! They weren’t even afraid to get wet and hop in for a couple of photos.
I can’t wait for their 2018 wedding at Crystal Point!
Location: Divine Park, Spring Lake | Manasquan, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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