Light Bright Family Session in Beach Haven | Long Beach Island Photographer

July 24, 2017

You know what my favorite part of family sessions is? Letting kids be kids! I totally get that everyone wants that frame-able photo where everyone is looking and smiling and everyone’s hair is absolutely perfect – but I am totally ok with embracing the perfectly imperfect (I’m pretty sure I just said perfect like 3 times in that sentence, and I am totally ok with it).
Family sessions on the beach are the perfect time to let kids play and be themselves. Granted, there are opportunities for some messiness – but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? I’m so happy that this family decided to contact me to grab some photos of their family on Long Beach Island in Beach Haven where they were staying for the week. Getting family photos done while you’re on vacation is such an awesome way to memorialize your time together and create memories that can stay on your walls for years to come! I tend to feel like everyone is at their best when they’re vacationing. No work, no rules? Getting up at noon and drinking mimosas for breakfast (that’s totally a breakfast, by the way)? Sounds good to me!
These two little girls got dressed up in their finest white dresses, and we had a ball running around on the beach! The evening was completely perfect, and while a storm threatened a bit from the distance, we were able to complete our session before any rain came in. I am so fortunate that I get to be with so many wonderful families and document just a tiny slice of their time while on vacation at the Jersey Shore! It’s truly a highlight of my ‘job’ and I love that I get to be at the beach most nights (because it’s totally my happy place). Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your week!
Location: Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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