Eclectic Asbury Park Engagement Photos | John & Cat Engaged

July 14, 2017

So, many years ago (but not, you know – that many) John and I went to the same prom. We didn’t go as dates, but we did all go down to the Renault Winery in the same vehicle. I have the photos to prove it. I also have the photos to prove that someone, anyone, should have told me that my hair looked awful (as in – kind of like a curly lampshade) and I had no business leaving the house at all. But alas, the evening progressed.
I kind of knew that John dabbled in photography a bit, and had seen his work from years passed – but I hadn’t realized that he had found the love of his life and that they were getting married! I was super stoked for him, and I was even more excited when I met Cat. They are perfect for each other. It can always be super intimidating to take photos for someone who also takes photos – but I was thrilled when he asked me to do their engagements and wedding at Porta in Asbury Park.
Not only did their engagement session give Ray and I a chance to eat a meal there (which I just want to add on a side note was freaking delicious) but we got to see their epic reception space that actually has regal animal portraits on the walls. I fell in love. We had an amazing (albeit slightly rainy and foggy) evening wandering around Asbury Park and taking these engagement photos. The highlight of the night was when some strangers let us take some photo with their enormous (and incredible) pup. From start to finish the whole session was a big win.
I am so excited for their March 2018 wedding at Porta, Asbury Park!
Location: Porta, Asbury Park New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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