Seaside Park Photographer | Deidre & John’s Nautical Engagement Session

July 29, 2017

If you know me, you know that I am all about that boat life. Like, all about it. So when a client contacts me and is like, ‘Hey Kelly – we want to do our engagement/wedding/life photos on a boat,’ I am pretty much doing a happy dance and starting to figure out the logistics of how we can get the coolest possible images. Deidre and John had purchased Clementine last year but were finally able to get her into the water this year.
When the date we’d picked for their engagement session rolled around, it was looking pretty rough. Thunderstorms and pouring rain were definitely going down, and it had me a little nervous. However – I hold off on calling off shoots until literally the last minute, so around 20 minutes before their session it looked like the rain was going to stop for a second. They were in, and so was I. It ended up that we got a pretty cool little treat for keeping on with the session even though it was a little yucky out.
When we stepped onto the beach to start, I noticed a tiny little frog. Of course my immediate reaction was that we needed to do photos with it. Instead of getting grossed out by the toad, Deidre was totally stoked and let us place him in her hands inside of her ring. She is so my bride. I’m still not quite sure how we got this tiny little toad to pose for some photos like he did, but suffice it to say, he totally made our night.
After our time on the beach, John ventured out into the water to grab Clementine and bring her in for some photos (complete with Captain’s hat). I can’t wait for their wedding this August at The Channel Club!
Location: Seaside Park, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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