Spring Vineyard Ballroom Wedding at Renault Winery

June 14, 2024

Cannot wait for you all to see this gorgeous wedding at Renault Winery! Nicole and Mike are so much fun and I so enjoyed getting to hang out with them for this one! I had a ton of fun at their engagement with them and their pupper Cannoli and they have also brought their pup to my Santa fundraisers so I have gotten to spend so much time with them! They are such generous, kind, and just awesome people with such good energy! Naturally, this showed all day long.

Loved Nicole’s laid back and amazing outlook – I swear she was laughing all day and it made the vibes amazing! This was also the first truly warm wedding of my 2023 season and that is always such an incredible day in itself!

I’ll let Nicole tell you about her and Mike in her own words!

“We swiped right on Bumble back in 2016. Mike had made the connection on Bumble but I did not reply to his note until he extended the connection for another 24 hours. After he did that, I replied to his message and not long after, we exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet for our first date at Egan & Son’s in Montclair on 11/17/2016. We hit it off almost instantly and the rest is history. Funny enough, we ended up working in the same building a few months after. We always say that we were meant to meet. It’s been such a fun journey over these last 6 years and we are so excited for what the future holds.

We love staying home, ordering pizza (we have our own pizza instagram @pizza_snobs_), watching a movie and snuggling with our puppy Cannoli. When we go out, we tend to go to casual places like Tommy’s Tavern or Chit Chat Diner in Hackensack. We head out to a movie when there’s something we want to see and always try to travel a bit even if it’s just a road trip somewhere. In the summer you can find us in LBI where we hit the beach, mini golf and get ice cream more than we should.

We had planned a vacation to Aruba in May 2021. I had planned for a photographer to take some nice beach photos since it was a beautiful place. The photoshoot was planned for the last full day of the trip. As we were taking pictures on the beach, I had turned towards Mike to see him down on one knee with the ring in hand. He asked the question and I said YES. Almost instantly the tears came and we were able to continue our photoshoot and capture the special moment. The photographer had no clue this was going to happen. Mike had secretly told the assistant at the start of the shoot what he was planning on doing and luckily the photographer was able to be flexible and guide him on the right time/spot to propose. I was totally shocked because I did not imagine him traveling internationally with the ring and he had never put anything in the safe. We went to the buffet breakfast right after, spent the day on the beach and ended the day with dinner at our favorite Aruba restaurant – Flying Fishbone. It was a great way to end the trip and now we will always have Aruba as our special place.”

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Renault Winery Vineyard Ballroom | Florals: Betinas | Make Up: Make Me Up Eva | Hair: Hair Styled by K | Cinema: Magic Moments | DJ: Magic Moments

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