Barnegat Light Engagement Photos with a Vintage Car

May 11, 2023

This session happened a little bit on accident. So for the record – it was not the car, the couple, or the outfits that happened by accident – it was the diner.

When I initially talked to Sarah about her and Brian’s session, we were discussing places where we would be able to really use the vintage car she was planning on renting. We were planning on using Barnegat Light, and I knew some streets nearby that I felt would work. As I got down to Barnegat Light, it dawned on me. The diner. It is only open Fri – Sun, so it was completely empty, and the light on it was perfect, and it was such a good match for the vintage car. It worked like it was actually meant to be.

After the incredible diner and car photos, we headed over to the beach where Sarah and Brian eventually ended up going for a full on swim in their clothes, and I loved them for it. Be still my heart.

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