Perfect Golden Light Engagement Photos in Belmar

Are you even ready for this session? Like at the end of it I just felt like hanging up my camera because I was worried I had peaked (I felt this way many years ago as well when I snapped a photo of one of my brides holding her ring in her palm with a tiny baby frog sitting inside it with his little frog hands on her ring LOOKING AT THE CAMERA). Every once in a while, the light just hits different. Also – as I have probably written before, I am a Jersey Shore girl thru and thru, so anytime I get to do a session at a much loved iconic Jersey Shore Bar (or dive bar) I am always thrilled. Seaside was my spot (Bamboo, Sawmill, Jack and Bills for the win).

The first photo with the guy riding his bike was a happy accident and it was just soooo perfect for the whole session and the spot and just everything. Then once we hit the beach, there was this light light fog that just made the glow INSANE. The rose gold sunset light was just filtering thru the glow like some kind of magic sorcery and Alyssa and Danny had the perfect outfits on, and even the doggo was perfect.

Alyssa and Danny are getting married at Crystal Point Yacht Club later this year and I CANNOT WAIT!

Location: Belmar

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