Beach Sunset Engagement Photos with Adorable Dogs

April 13, 2023

Are you even ready for all this adorability, though?! It’s not every day that I get to photograph celebrities. Doug and Hank and their parents are KINDA a big deal. There’s a reason that I don’t hire anyone to do any of my copywriting (for better or worse at this point – I don’t know if anyone actually enjoys these long-winded love-fests on this blog but I hope you do) and that’s because I loveeee to gush about all the adorability that I get to photograph on the regular. Cherry blossoms and puppies guys!!! My faves! Also I’m sorry that the past 3 blogs have been cherry blossoms (not gonna lie I think I still have at least one or two more in me) but I can’t help myself. Clearly I’m in my ‘cherry blossom period’ right now and I’m honestly not sorry about it.

We did eventually head over to the beach for some rose gold sunset light and clearly some more doggo photos. Loved Tiffany’s dress and how it perfectly complemented our color palette for the evening!!

Tiffany and Corey are getting married at The Sea Shell this June on LBI and I CANNOT WAIT!!

Location: Spring Lake

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