Colorful Jersey Shore Seaside Boardwalk Wedding

April 27, 2023

I am such a shore girl so when I knew I was going to get to do Hunter and Tom’s portraits mostly on the Seaside Heights beach and boardwalk, my heart was singing. Despite living closest to this spot, I very rarely get to do weddings here! We did allll the Jersey Shore things. Pabst Blue Ribbon, pizza, rides – all the best stuff.

Very fun fact – when I was in my early 20’s, Seaside and the Sawmill were my spots. It was wild being upstairs in what used to be my favorite bar (at that time, it was called the Green Room and it was where bands at Sawmill played) shooting a wedding. Even funner fact – Ray and I met at The Sawmill nearly 15 years ago. Who says nothing good comes from going out to bars?

But I digress. Hunter and Tom have such good energy. We had the most fun day just hanging out, eating pizza, and taking photos. I had known when we did their engagement session at Wonder Bar that they were a fun couple, and I was not disappointed. Hunter’s colorful bouquet was also one of my absolute favorites (ever) and she had actually told me initially she didn’t like flowers!

Just before ceremony, the transformer right next to Sawmill blew, knocking out electricity to several parts of the venue and boardwalk. In the end, nothing was affected – but Hunter and Tom still had the absolute best attitude about some actual sparks flying at their wedding!

Hunter and Tom met during high school swimming. They had many mutual friends before actually meeting but officially met when Tom joined the Ocean County YMCA team in high school.


Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Park Pavilion | Florist: Wildflowers Florist | Dress Designer: Maggie Sorrento from Castle Couture | Make-Up: Shelby Grace Hair | Hair: Joy Lauren Artistry | DJ: Elite Entertainment

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