Rose Gold Beach Engagement Photos at Island Beach State Park

Megan and Randy! Ahhhh I love these two! Easy going, so fun to be around, gorgeous – they literally have it all. They picked the exact right outfits to match Island Beach State Park and the incredible rose gold light that we ended up getting for this session! I remember this being maybe mid-late March, and despite being (from what I remember) quite cold, you would just never know it in these photos. I was probably wearing a parka because I’m a baby (this is where sometimes I honestly wish I had behind the scenes footage of each session, because it would give you a much more realistic view of what the conditions were actually like).

These two are getting married at Abbie Holmes Estate this April – which is one of (in my opinion) the hidden venue gems in the state of New Jersey (seriously if you are looking for a fun, eclectic venue in south Jersey with a killer indoor/outdoor ceremony space check it out) and I cannot wait!!

Location: Island Beach State Park

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