Neutral Spring Wedding Photos at Clark’s Landing Point Pleasant

March 9, 2023

MAGIC, I tell you!! Magic! I don’t know what kind of sorcery my couples use to be so gorgeous on their wedding days but here we are again. It helps that Clark’s Landing in Point Pleasant is a favorite venue of mine. Naturally any location with a dock and boats ends up high on my list – and I feel like the waterfront at Clark’s just never disappoints. It really helps that the staff there (shout out to Judy) prioritizes and loves sunset portraits just as much as I do because I have never failed to be out there for the most perfect glowing light of the day!

I was absolutely obsessed with the pearl detail in Maria’s veil! It was such a subtle yet gorgeous detail and I had a lot of fun incorporating that subtly into some photos when the light was just right! I also loved her neutral, timeless color story. The florals perfectly complemented the taupe bridesmaid gowns. It also helped that Maria and Stephen were practically models, and that they were so incredibly easy to hang out with.

One of the things that stands out to me about this wedding was that the forecast was terrible – I think it was legitimately forecasted to be thunder storming for most of the day. I remember in the days leading up to the wedding, I had been mentally preparing for what I was going to do in the event of rain, just because it had seemed imminent. When the day finally arrived – not only did we get away with the entire thing, but for the most part it was windless, sunny, and comfortable. What a win. Maria and Stephen were so go with the flow that I know they would have been happy even if it had stormed – but I think we were all very relieved when it did not.

Maria and Stephen – thank you so much for having me a long on your absolutely perfect day!


Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Clark’s Landing | Florals: The Flower Bar | Bride’s Gown: Pronovias Purchased at Castle Couture | Make-Up: Make Me Up Eva | Hair: Kara Morgan | DJ: Around Town Players

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