Jersey Shore Boardwalk Cotton Candy Engagement

May 27, 2022

Growing up, I never really appreciated how cool of a place I lived in. Heading to the boardwalk was totally normal, the beach was always right around the corner and I had my pick of options on any given summer day. Kohr’s was always easy access, and I consumed endless orange and vanilla swirl cones as a kid, as well as whatever orange drink they used to make (Orangeade, I think it was called). Now – I fully understand that the boardwalk is an actual destination – and I so enjoy shooting sessions there and going ‘full Jersey Shore’. I am always so excited when a couple wants to go hard with me on all the things that make the shore, the shore.

When Danielle showed up I was so obsessed with her glittery eye shadow and outfit choices. They were literally *chef’s kiss*. She and Joe were down for it all and we had a blast with this session! I always try really hard to make the shore look less crowded than it really is for photos – and I think we did a great job working around the crowds for this session! The light was an actual dream, and no cotton candy was harmed in the making of these photos!

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