Candid Family Photos on LBI

May 20, 2022

I’ve been shooting family portraits on LBI for many years. The first time I booked a session down there, I honestly thought it was a fluke. I had never done family beach photos on LBI before – so I had no idea how the family that had inquired with me had even found me. As it turns out, it probably wasn’t necessarily a fluke – but it opened up a huge part of my business – photographing families on the beach – particularly on LBI. For over 10 years, each summer I visit many beaches throughout LBI (and also Stone Harbor, Cape May, Ocean City, Brigantine, and many others) and meet new families for some unique and relaxed family portraits.

l’m always going to get the ‘smile at the camera’ type photos. But then in addition, I’m going to get the candid, hugging, laughing, real moments – and we’re probably all going to end up in the ocean. Sound good?

My photography experience is centered around you, and bringing your unique story to life through vibrant, joyful, honest, and elevated images.

...former librarian, dog enthusiast, and most importantly so very proud to say that I get to do my actual dream job for a living. 

Photography has always been my passion, and a profession I have always felt so honored to be able to call my own. 


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