Mountaintop Wedding at Chelsea Sun Inn

April 22, 2022

My 2021 wedding season found me in Pennsylvania a fair bit. I always love photographing weddings in different states because it’s amazing how different things can be, and I love getting to experience new places. This wedding at the beautiful Chelsea Sun Inn was a stunner for many many reasons.

When I first talked to Ruth and Kyle, they were so bubbly and excited and I loved them immediately. They were telling me about the Chelsea Sun Inn and I remember thinking that such a place as they were describing couldn’t be real. They were having their ceremony on a mountaintop set like a chapel with 360 degree views, cake cutting with fireworks, a mariachi band – I was immediately excited for this wedding. I openly admit that whatever expectation I had in my head was actually blown away by how beautiful this wedding is in person.

The Chelsea Sun Inn is a truly unique venue. It is set up like a bed and breakfast, but the bridal suite room is ridiculously gorgeous. I believe it’s called the Versace suite, and it comes complete with a four poster bed, and unbelievably good light. Starting my day in there really set the stage for a perfect day. The entire building is photogenic, and the entire property is surrounded by acres and acres of photogenic land. It is basically a photographer’s dream.

Ruth is the actual sweetest person ever, and her laughter and personality is just infectious. She is so fun to be around, and she and Kyle are just the perfect match. In order to get up to the ceremony site, the venue brings you up in a trolley (I actually walked up the mountain which I’m not going to lie took me around 15 minutes – it was really hot). It was well worth the hike because the views up there are spectacular. You can see the Delaware Water Gap, and it is so unique. These two had such a an amazing ceremony, and it was truly magical.

After the ceremony guests ate their cocktail hour spread while listening to a mariachi band by the pool, and then there was a fireworks display for cake cutting that literally put most other shows I have seen to shame. Ruth and Kyle’s first dance was to a song that Kyle had written for Ruth. Me explaining all of this is not going to do any of it justice, so you just really need to see these photos!

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Chelsea Sun Inn | Planner: The Wedding Guru | DJ: Posh DJs

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