Golden Light Engagement Photos at Fisherman’s Cove

April 15, 2022

In my opinion, the hardest part about bringing your dog to your engagement session, is that I will get very attached to your dog, and obsess over your dog, and want to pet them and snuggle them, and then it will be very hard for me to say goodbye to your dog. That’s really the only downside.

Can you believe we shot this session in November? New Jersey is such a weird state, and I think about this often. The weather here is so unpredictable. As I’m typing this (it’s February as I’m typing this, even though I know this blog is going to be published in April – but I’ll be starting to tuck into my wedding season by the time you are reading this – in fact, Stephanie and Timmy will already be married) there is a weird ice storm situation happening in North Jersey, but it’s 55 degrees here at the shore. Isn’t that wild? A mere 60 miles north and from what I am understanding the roads are about to be a sheet of ice, but here it’s warm and drizzling. Speaking of drizzling I just got a notification that two of my packages were delivered, and that means they are out in the rain – but you know what? I don’t care, because this blog is really so good that I need to sit here and finish it and I’ll worry about the packages later.

Plus side of November at the shore is that it’s likely you’ll almost have the beach to yourself. But – when you’re Stephanie and Timmy and you are as cute as these two are, it probably wouldn’t matter if this beach had been full of people – they would still stand out because they are just that adorable. Can’t wait for these two to tie the knot just so I can hang out with them again!!

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