Spring Wedding Photos at Skyview Golf

March 4, 2022

Where to begin?! First off – Michaela and Greg are my people and I knew that from the second I met them! When I first spoke to Michaela I was just like – ok this girl is amazing. Fast forward to their engagement session and that was confirmed. I loved hanging out with them! I was expecting great things from this wedding, and it absolutely delivered! It also helped the their good friends Sam and Ian had also booked their wedding with me and I also love the two of them, so it was basically like hanging out with amazing friends all day long (you’ll get to see their wedding in an upcoming blog post)!

Skyview Golf has the most incredible ceremony space that seemingly overlooks mountains (I realize that in fact, they are not mountains, but when you are from the Jersey Shore, literally everything with any kind of elevation is a mountaintop). It is truly such a breathtaking view, and while it was really hot for this wedding, it was well worth all of us sitting out in the heat for this view and these photos! Later on in the evening we got to go up even further on the hill and check out the rope swing and an incredibly golden sunset.

This wedding had so many amazing surprises! From a mascot appearance, to Greg singing to Michaela, to some crowd surfing and worm-doing, it was a heck of a party and it honestly made me want to stay long after I was scheduled to leave!

I love the story of how they met – Michaela met Greg at work! She interviewed with a friend of Greg’s, and after interviewing her he told Greg ‘I met your future wife today’. A month later they had their first date and just so happened she was put on the desk right next to Greg! Fate.

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea images | Venue: Skyview Golf | Florals: The Bloomery | Make – Up: Jenielle Jensen | Hair: Kristen Okaly | Video: Trevor Barnes Media | DJ: Posh – Evan Ruga | Bride’s Gown: Essence of Australia

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