Bay Head Beach Engagement Session

February 25, 2022

Engagement sessions are my favorite way to get to know my couples! Not only do we get to hang out in a really low pressure situation, but I also get to know you, you get to know me, and we get some amazing photos out of the whole deal (and you get comfortable with being photographed). It is a win, win, WIN! This is why I have always (yes, for my 10 years of business) included an engagement session with every full wedding booking. They are valuable – and I want you to use them! I love not showing up as a stranger on a wedding day. By the time your special day rolls around, we are already friends, and your engagement session has paved the way for you to feel comfortable reaching out to me when you need me.

Kaitlyn and Dave were so fun to hang out with, and by the time their session was over I was already so excited to be at their wedding! That’s usually the only downside of me shooting an engagement session – it makes me want your wedding to literally be the next day so I can hang out with you again! I love that they picked two locations that were special to them for this session, and that we got some really cool weather! Not only did we get some golden sun, but we had a bit of a foggier end of the session which really made these photos dreamy!

Cannot wait to celebrate them June at The Hamilton Manor!

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