Dreamy Golden Hour Atlantic Highlands Engagement Photos

One of the coolest parts of my job is getting introduced to cool new places! My couples show me some amazing new (to me) spots, and I am always to excited to go and shoot at new locations. Just when I thought I had experienced every beach on the Jersey Shore, Kelly and Kevin went and showed me an amazing new one in The Atlantic Highlands. Gotta say, this has climbed the charts for me as a new favorite beach for sessions.

One of the additional bonuses of this session was the addition of Kelly and Kevin’s two dogs. I am always going to encourage you to completely obsess over your dog and bring them to your engagement photos, so I am so happy when my couples bring furry friends! Not gonna lie, I think we all had a bit of a heart stopping moment when we were trying to balance Kelly’s ring on one of the pup’s heads, and he shook it off (Kelly and Kevin had brought family members who literally *caught* the ring in mid-air after this incident) but I think we all had a moment of ‘oh my goodness the ring may be lost forever’. Spoiler alert though, the photo was worth it!

Cannot wait to celebrate these two in June at Brook Lake Country Club!

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