Asbury Park Beach and Boardwalk Engagement Session

May 21, 2021

I always love when my couples include something unique in their engagement sessions – and this one happened to include Johnny Mac’s and beer (and pizza) so I feel like that was a big win!

Christine and Ryan literally scored the perfect evening for these photos! The wind was calm, it was fairly warm for April, and miraculously, the Asbury boardwalk was somehow not crowded! I can count on literally one hand the amount of times when I am able to do a full set of photos on the Asbury boardwalk with very few people opening the doors of Convention Hall! The light was dreamy, and Christine and Ryan’s outfit choices were perfect.

We hit the beach before heading over to Johnny Mac’s House of Spirit for some pizza and beer. I hear that Johnny Mac’s is the perfect place to end a night out in Asbury, and it turns out – it’s also a great place to end an engagement session! Also – I have to openly admit that this was my first time at JM’s. I had no clue that you get a free pizza with every beer you order. Seriously, how amazing is that.

Big thanks to Johnny Mac’s for letting us take over their exterior, and even bigger thank you to Christine and Ryan for being incredible at their session! I can’t wait for November 2022!

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