Golden Hour Spring Lake Engagement Session

May 17, 2021

It feels so good to be busy photographing engagements and weddings again! I always feel like I am at my absolute best in business when I am doing my thing, shooting a lot, and in the midst of everything. After what felt like an eternity of slow months due to business shutdowns, I am finally back in my sweet spot and I am so thankful.

Spring Lake is always such a beautiful spot for engagements, and I was thrilled when Janine and Dan chose it for theirs! I am super familiar with the area – and despite this session being shot in April (there were no blooms happening in the park yet at all, and no leaves) – we still accomplished some absolutely gorgeous images and beautiful golden light!

I especially loved that Janine and Dan brought along Dan’s badge to include in the session. I always love personal touches in engagement photos. Dan and Janine are so laid back and fun to be around, and I cannot wait for them to get married at the brand new Refinery at Perona Farms this August!

My photography experience is centered around you, and bringing your unique story to life through vibrant, joyful, honest, and elevated images.

...former librarian, dog enthusiast, and most importantly so very proud to say that I get to do my actual dream job for a living. 

Photography has always been my passion, and a profession I have always felt so honored to be able to call my own. 


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