Golden Hour Spring Lake Engagement Session

It feels so good to be busy photographing engagements and weddings again! I always feel like I am at my absolute best in business when I am doing my thing, shooting a lot, and in the midst of everything. After what felt like an eternity of slow months due to business shutdowns, I am finally back in my sweet spot and I am so thankful.

Spring Lake is always such a beautiful spot for engagements, and I was thrilled when Janine and Dan chose it for theirs! I am super familiar with the area – and despite this session being shot in April (there were no blooms happening in the park yet at all, and no leaves) – we still accomplished some absolutely gorgeous images and beautiful golden light!

I especially loved that Janine and Dan brought along Dan’s badge to include in the session. I always love personal touches in engagement photos. Dan and Janine are so laid back and fun to be around, and I cannot wait for them to get married at the brand new Refinery at Perona Farms this August!

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