Sunset Engagement Photos at Island Beach

January 26, 2021

Ok so I have to start this blog entry out by telling you all how much I love Kaitlyn (and Noe). From Kaitlyn’s first call to me, we were perfectly in sync. We talked for a long while and I loved that she asked a bunch of questions and was so invested in the photos of her wedding! From there on, she has become a friend – and I am truly so happy that I get to know her! She is funny, sweet, thoughtful, and also she has amazing style (see below photos).

We had just enough wind for this session, and both of her dress selections worked perfectly. I always call just the right amount of wind ‘Beyonce wind’. It’s that perfect breeze that blows a dress and hair just right – like you’re walking in slow-mo in a music video.

I had asked Kaitlyn how she and Joe met, so I’ll let her tell it in her own words, “Noe and I met through a mutual friend (his best man) back in May of 2012. We met for the first time on the Seaside Heights boardwalk on May 25, 2012 after I had just landed from my senior class trip. We were both really shy in person and barely said 3 words to each other. But we started texting later that night and from there it was history. We spent the entire summer together, inseparable, until he finally made it official on August 21, 2012 at Eagle Rock Reservation.”

Gotta say that I love that they met on the Seaside Heights boardwalk, because same, girl same. Ray and I met at The Sawmill!

Kaitlyn and Noe are getting married this May at Indian Trail Club (full disclosure a favorite venue of mine) and I am so jazzed for this one!!

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