Adorable Princeton University Engagement Photos

January 22, 2021

How do I always get so lucky with my couples, though?! Lisa and Rocco are absolutely amazing. Not only are they so fun to hang out with, but they are adorable, super in love, super easy to work with, and I already miss them and can’t wait for their wedding.

I connected with Lisa immediately. We both have a little bit of OCD, both enjoy the same types of outfits, and I loved that she included me in planning out this session! We ended up with a slightly chilly November day for these photos, and I ended up being completely obsessed with the hat she had brought for later on in the session! Spoiler alert: if you want some really cute engagement photos – bring a hat.

I always enjoy my sessions at Princeton University because I get to pretend for around an hour that I went there, and that’s always pretty fun. Also I love the architecture! Princeton is a great pick for engagement sessions during the fall and winter because there is no need to rely on trees to make things pretty. The lines of the buildings all over campus are more than enough for beautiful shapes and don’t show season at all.

I cannot wait for these two to get married March 2022 at the Park Savoy!! Let’s do this!!!

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