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So fun fact – I have been a photographer long enough to remember what it was like to deliver photos on CDs/DVDs. I remember designing custom cases, and also the sound of the CD burner every time I completed a gallery. Those were the days, amirite?

I have been thru CDs, DVDs, USBs, and now finally – online galleries that you can simply download to your computer. I have definitely found online galleries to be my preferred way to deliver photos – they are easy to share, easy to download from, and also beautiful to look at! However – I can understand that there is still a want to have a tangible delivery system. While I have moved away from this, I do want to showcase a company that is definitely getting custom USBs for photographers right!

One of the reasons I moved away from USBs personally, was that they were changing. USB 3.0’s quietly replaced USB 2.0’s. While they looked the same, they were not in fact the same, and read/write speeds were insanely slow on USB 2.0’s. Now we are saying goodbye to even USB 3.0s and heading towards USB-C.

USB Memory Direct offers a wide array of customizable USB options, and best of all, they offer several designs that have not only USB 3.0 but also USB-C. Such a win!

They were kind enough to send along some of their ‘pivot’ model with my logo to check out – and I have to say, I kinda love them. They feel great, look great, and best of all the read/write speeds were amazing. That last one doesn’t seem very important but TRUST ME it is! They also feel very durable. For a while I was offering ‘crystal’ drives that were made of glass. As pretty as they were – I cannot explain to you how many I broke, or how many arrived damaged.

I also want to add that the ship speed on these was amazing! Always such a plus! If you are a photographer looking for beautiful and customizable USBs with lots of options – definitely check out USB Memory Direct! They were such a pleasure to work with.

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