Stone Harbor Point Family Photo Session

May 10, 2020

Before I was a wedding and family photographer, I feel like I had barely seen any of my home state of New Jersey. I used to think I had been around a bit and seen some things, but in reality I had only ever really been in my very small section of the state. Nine years into doing photography (nine! I can’t believe it!) I have definitely seen so much more. I have been to the very northern tip of the state, and also down to the very very bottom in Cape May. I have gone extreme west, and also been to just about every beach on the east coast.

I have developed favorites, of course – and Stone Harbor is very much one of them. Aside from the quaint small town feel (and adorable Main Street area) the beaches are spacious, quiet, and I always enjoy any trip I get to make down to these parts in the summer.

Stone Harbor Point has risen to the top of my charts as a favorite favorite place. Quieter still than some of the more central beaches, it also boasts a jetty a really beautiful trail of broken shells, and if you time it right – a bunch of small sailboats on the beach. It is truly a perfect spot for family or engagement photos and I find myself here often during the summer months!

Location: Stone Harbor Point

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