Beach Haven Family Photos | LBI Photographer

April 4, 2020

I feel like photos only become more valuable as time goes on. Nothing can capture you the way you were at any given time in your life quite like a photo can. I alway find this to be especially true of my family sessions. Kids grow so quickly, seasons of life are always changing – moments in time are fleeting.

In these scary and uncertain times I keep looking back over all the beautiful sessions I have gotten to shoot over the years. In case you are (hopefully) reading this blog at some point in the future, when the COVID-19 pandemic is in our rear view mirrors – I am currently sitting in my house, as I have been for the past three weeks. I can’t help but wonder what our future selves are going to look back on this time and remember most. When we look back at this time in history, we are going to be looking at photos that capture what is happening right now. Empty Times Square. Roads and parking lots empty. Lines outside grocery stores and everyone wearing masks.

Either way – I don’t want to be a downer. But I do want to share this family session from last summer on the beach. I used to work with Laura when we were both county employees at the library, and I just love her two boys. They have such big personalities.

If living through this quarantine and halt of my business has given me any take-away, it is that I truly love this job. It is one of the only things I miss about my ‘everyday’ life. I miss shooting. I miss being with all of you.

My photography experience is centered around you, and bringing your unique story to life through vibrant, joyful, honest, and elevated images.

...former librarian, dog enthusiast, and most importantly so very proud to say that I get to do my actual dream job for a living. 

Photography has always been my passion, and a profession I have always felt so honored to be able to call my own. 


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