Berkeley Island State Park Maternity Session

So you all know how partial I am to miniature schnauzers. I think they’re just about the best puppers in the whole world. Personality for days, adorable expressive faces, quirky little personalities, and crazy high intelligence (these dogs can literally solve problems). Of course, I am obligated to have these preferences because I myself currently own a mini schnauzer. When Felicia brought Griffin out of the car I could not believe it – he is a dead ringer for my very own Buttercup! They could totally be twinsies. They have the same coloring and smaller builds, as well as the same mischievous determination. I was so thrilled.

This session had wind. Like. A lot of wind. As in – 35mph constant gale force. I had been a bit concerned that the session might entirely be a no go because wind in January can be absolutely brutally cold (and that was accurate). Fortunately Berkeley Island Park is full of little hideaways, so we were able to find an area where we were a bit shielded from the wind to do these photos. It helped that we got a nice golden sunset as a bonus!

Love these two and their sweet Griffin and soon to be new bundle of joy! Thank you for taking some crazy cold weather in stride!

Location: Berkeley Island State Park

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