Holgate Family Photographer | LBI Family Photos

February 14, 2019

I love visiting Long Beach Island to do family portraits. I am pretty sure I have been to every beach along the stretch of the island from Barnegat Light all the way down to Holgate, and I never get tired of the locales. Not to mention that each part of the island has some special restaurants worth a visit. In the case of this session I am 98% sure I hit the Chegg (The Chicken or the Egg for those not versed in Jersey) after the photos were complete.

What I remember most about this particular family session was the mist. It was SO crazy misty and humid this day that we all got covered with a sticky layer of salt. I feel like it actually shows up in the photos and kind of muted them because the air was so thick that it was literally visible. One of the other super cool things about this session was that I got to tuck some engagement photos in at the end.

Location: Holgate, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

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